Veterans Program
You May Qualify For Free-In Home Care

Grace Care, a VA Community Care Network Provider, offers Homemaker Home Health Aide and Respite services to local veterans, regardless of age. Our trained professionals assist veterans with daily tasks, enabling them to stay in their own homes. These services can serve as an alternative to nursing home care and provide respite for veterans and their family caregivers. Assistance includes tasks like eating, dressing, grooming, bathing, mobility, and grocery shopping. Veterans can continue receiving these services as long as needed, determined in consultation with a VA social worker. In order to qualify for Free-In Home Services, you would first need to have an established VA doctor. Once established, you would need to request the Homemaker/Home Health Aide and/or Respite services. They would then send an order to Grace Care with the number of hours you qualify for. Once Grace Care receives the referral, we can begin providing care to you in your home. 

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance is a type of insurance coverage that helps cover the costs associated with long-term care services, including in-home care. In the context of in-home care, LTCI provides financial assistance to policyholders who require assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or have a chronic illness that necessitates ongoing care at home. Covered services may include personal care and homemaker services. Having Long Term Care Insurance for in-home care can help policyholders maintain their independence and receive necessary support while easing the financial burden associated with long-term care expenses.